The strategy and tactics of pricing (de Thomas T. Nagle y Reed K. Holden)


Temática: Empresa, Negocios

ISBN: 0-13-669376-8

Editorial: Prentice Hall. Estados Unidos. 1995

Idioma: Inglés

Tapa: Dura

409 páginas

Sinopsis: A guide to profitable decision making. Guide to Profitable Decision Making, Second Edition shows how sound analysis could have prevented some well-known pricing failures and, in other cases, has pointed the way to profitable successes! Nagle and Holden offer a conceptual approach that helps readers learn how to THINK about pricing, and include step-by-step formulas and procedures that show readers HOW to analyze a pricing problem and formulate a pricing strategy. A sampling of topics includes advice on how to understand how costs affect your pricing and profits, integrate costs with market-based pricing, integrate the elements of profitability, capture full value through price segmentation, adapt strategy in a changing life-cycle environment, develop models to aid in anticipating purchase behavior, and determine the constraints on profit maximization.
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